Truths and lies

Here’s FutureLearn task part one – write a paragraph containing three truths and a lie, and one containing three lies and one truth. You can probably guess which is which.

Because I was an unimaginative child, I once brought a rock home as a souvenir from a family holiday in Dorset. I kept that rock on my windowsill for years, until I changed bedrooms as a 13-year-old and somehow managed to lose it in the process. I was so upset I had to take a day off school.


Today at lunch the soup in the canteen was cold, just as it had been yesterday, the day before and the day before that. I asked about this, and was told that a new regulation had been passed demanding that all soup be served cold as heating reduces the nutritional content. Now gazpacho may be traditionally served chilled, but have you ever tried eating cold broccoli soup, like I and several others at work did today? It plays havoc with the digestion system, and led to queues outside the staff toilets for the rest of the afternoon.


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