A show to remember

Next FutureLearn piece – write something that turns a stereotype on its head. My well of ideas ran a bit dry on this one, so thanks to my wife for coming up with a good one!

Mark enjoyed the glide of the needle as it went in and out, in and out, thread following like the tail of a kite. Today he was adding more ruffles, more sequins, more and more of everything to his outfit. It would be, as they say, fabulous darling.

He couldn’t wait for everyone to see him perform that night. It would be his best show yet, he could feel it. His footwork would dazzle, his moves would astound. He hummed a show tune to himself as the needle went in, out, in, out. The outfit steadily became more flamboyant, more brilliantly absurd.

Finished. He held it up, admiring his needlework. He tried it on and struck a pose in front of the mirror, loving the sparkles, the colours, the way it fitted just so. He loved it. He knew everyone else would too. It was going to be an amazing show that night, and he intended to be the one everyone remembered.

9pm. He waited backstage, impatient. His opposite number, having recovered from the shock of Mark’s outfit, jigged up and down on the spot. It was his debut tonight, and he was excited but, equally, desperate to get it over with. Mark remembered that feeling, but now, at 25, he was – relatively – an old hand at this game.

The announcer called. Showtime.

9.20pm. The referee raised Mark’s arm in victory, while his opponent lay in a crumpled heap. ‘Here is your winner’, called the ring announcer, ‘Mark “The Marvellous” Morella!’. His music hit, and Mark’s blood pumped through his veins. He’d won with his usual finishing move, a brutal submission that left his opponent’s legs tied in knots, and now he basked in the adulation of the crowd.

He loved wrestling.




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