Spoiled Royal Brat

I entered this in the Ad Hoc Fiction flash fiction contest the other week (write 150 words or less, using the word ‘bark’ somewhere), and while I was pleased it got selected for the voting process, it didn’t win. Boo hiss. So I thought I may as well put it up here.

‘I wanna doggie!’

King Fortescue eyed his daughter. She already had two unicorns, a dragon and a Pegasus, which she never bloody flew on, and now she wanted a dog? How would he get one of those? Their family didn’t live on the Earth side of the Divide.

He put this to Fifi. ‘I wanna doggie!’ she bellowed.

He summoned two manservants, and sent them on a long, dangerous voyage across Fairyland, over Death Mountain and the Sea of Hopelessness, and through the Divide. Months later they returned, battered and bruised, dragging a barking terrier behind them.

‘Your dog, Fifi,’ gestured the King.

‘I don’t want one any more. I want a cat.’


‘A cat! Wanna kitty!’

The King shrugged. He glanced at his manservants and then at the door. They traipsed out.

The dog peed on the rug. The King had it fed to the dragon.


16 thoughts on “Spoiled Royal Brat

  1. Ha! I should have known this one was yours Dave. I’m sure the “winners” are just people who put it on Facebook and get all their friends to vote for them. Have you entered one for “note”? I am going to go back and look for it now, see if I can spot it!

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  2. You could be right about that – maybe I should do that next time. I didn’t do one this week – meant to, but forgot. Did you? Good luck, if so. Are you entering one for ‘ginger’?


  3. Ah it’s not about the winning though, is it? Yes I have done one for “note”, (no secret passages or one-eyed aristocrats in it though) and I also wrote one for “ginger” which is actually a rehash of something I wrote for the start writing fiction course.So you might possibly recognise that, if they put it on there.

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  4. This felt as if you had a lot more to write, Dave, and had abbreviated it too much to fit the competition rules, perhaps you could expand it a bit more to make a complete story.


  5. I remember reading that piece and thinking it sounded like your sort of thing before I knew you’d entered so not surprised! Your style is becoming quite recognisable to those in the know- good luck with ginger, hoping mine will be up there too.

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  6. Only just seen Ceri’s post now, I could put it up on my site but don’t want to post too much stuff, I’m still hoping someone may comment on a longer piece I put up recently that so far has no comments!! :(. My ginger post is on the site now. I won’t say which one it is, but interestingly, I did submit it very soon after the prompt word was released and it is nearer the top than my last one, but maybe that’s a coincidence. Good luck to all ginger contributors!

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