Another entry for the weekly Adhoc Fiction ‘short story of under 150 words’ contest that didn’t win. This time, the key word was ‘bay’. Probably I’ve cheated by using it the way I have…

Oh. You again.

‘Look at the widdle bay-bee. He’s so cute!’

Yes, thank you, mum. Now, I need a nappy change. If only I could verbalise my thoughts, rather than just going ‘Wah’.

‘You wanna bottle?’

No, I want to be cleaned. And warn me before you pick me up. It gives me a head rush.

‘Ooh, you stink, bay-bee.’

Oh, right. That helps my confidence, thanks so much. What’s that noise…? Oh, it’s the phone again. Well, answer it, woman.

‘Hang on a sec, bay-bee.’

And warn me before you put me down again! Up, down, up, down, it’s like a rollercoaster. Chat, chat, chat, that’s all you do. Don’t mind me. Oh, you’re back. That was quicker than normal. Wait, are you crying? Isn’t that my job?

‘Bay-bee… it’s your daddy…’

What? What about my daddy?

‘He’s… gone, bay-bee. Gone… dead… What’ll we do, now, bay-bee…?’



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