Just to let people know, I am now a Regular Contributor over at Short Fiction Break, which I’m very excited about! My first story as a regular, Writer’s Block (which some of you may already have read), is up there now (and has been taken down from this blog). You can read it here.

I plan in future to put up stories on SFB that haven’t featured here before (but I’ll still post new stuff here too), and I’ll let you all know when I do.


18 thoughts on “News

  1. That’s great Dave! I have just had a little look at Short Fiction Break. I think your stories will be a breath of fresh air on that site. There is some really good writing there but what I’ve read so far seems to be all about the dark horrors of life in America – now they’ve got your dry British humour to cheer everybody up and make them laugh.

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    • Thanks Sian. I’m not sure what to do about potential American/English differences. I’m writing something now, and I mentioned an aubergine, then changed it to eggplant for American readers, and then just replaced it with a radish instead. Then do I say ‘yoghurt’ or ‘yogurt?. Decisions, decisions. I must make a mental note to never write about doughtnuts.

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