The frustrations of a military mastermind

A short one here; an entry to the Ad Hoc Fiction contest from a couple of weeks ago. Didn’t win, unfortunately.

The general perched atop the mound and waved to his troops to advance. He was determined this would be the time they triumphed. All this would be theirs!

Instead, his squad ignored him. They simply milled about, kicking up dust and causing chaos. Not the slightest attention was paid to his orders. What was wrong with them? He clucked beneath his breath. Did they not see the opportunity? This was the perfect chance to strike! The gate had been left ajar. With a simple pincer movement, they could stream through the gap and out-flank the pigs and sheep. Today, the farmyard, tomorrow the world!

But no. He watched his fellow poultry run into each other panicked, racing in any direction but the right one. He put his wing to his face in exasperation.

He couldn’t believe he’d come back as a chicken. Reincarnation, he thought, could cluck right off.


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