Story From A Song #3

Last time I did a Story From A Song was January – so it’s back! Guess which song I’ve borrowed as the basis for this story, and leave your answer in the comments. It’s not too tricky (they never are). This is a romantic song viewed from a darker angle, so if I’ve ruined the song you had/planned to have for your wedding dance, sorry about that. Them’s the breaks.

I love watching you sleep. When you’re at peace, far away and dreaming, is the best moment of the day for me. You look beautiful.

It’s late, I know, but, like every night, I stay awake just to hear you breathing, to watch you smile while you’re sleeping. You’re tucked in tightly beneath the dark scarlet sheets. I watch the covers rise and fall as you gently snore.

Your eyelids flicker, and I wonder what you’re dreaming about, if, just maybe, it’s me you’re seeing. But I know it isn’t. You’re probably dreaming of him. Patrick, his name is. He’s stayed with you for a few nights over the last month or so. You don’t know I know that, do you?

I might have to do something about him. I followed him home once. I know where he lives.

I lean close to my monitor and kiss the image of you beamed to my computer by the webcam I hid in your room. They’re all around your apartment, if you only knew. The lounge, the kitchen, the hallway… the bathroom. To you, I might just be the plumber who lives down the street that you call when your pipes burst or your taps stop working, but there’s more to me than that. I know a lot about computers, for instance.

I should sleep, but I don’t. Even if I dreamed of you, the sweetest dream would never do.

I’d still miss you, baby.

And I don’t want to miss a thing.



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