The Final Days of Strongman Joe

Here’s a sad one about getting old, up now at Ellipsis.


The Gibbon


A new story! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? This one is up at Fictive Dream, and is about relationships, running, social media and Jeremy Kyle, which is quite a lot to fit into 500 words. And if you don’t know who Jeremy Kyle is – and if you’re not British, you probably don’t – then give him a Google. Or not.

Story From A Song #4

rainy wedding

To celebrate having a little flash fiction tale in a vending machine in Canada, I wrote the fourth in my wildly popular (ahem) Story From A Song series. Guess which tune inspired the story below and leave your guess in the comments. It’s oh-so tricky this time – in fact, the picture probably gives it away…

Sheila pulled back the curtains and her face fell faster than the downpour against her window. ‘It’s raining,’ she sobbed. ‘On my wedding day!’

‘Isn’t that ir…’ began her Mum, about to quote from her favourite song.

‘It’s not! It just isn’t! Don’t say it,’ snarled Sheila, and marched upstairs to put on her dress.

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