Stories For Homes 2

Stories For Homes Volume 2 is out today. It’s stacked full of great stories by great authors, raises money for Shelter and features my small story, A Tap On The Door. Buy it for yourself for Christmas!


Space: 1,002,099 AD


Sometimes it’s nice to have a little ‘blog exclusive’, rather than have to click away to another site. So here’s some sci-fi I wrote. Well, sort of sci-fi, anyway.

Commander Kevin ‘Mad Dog’ McManus hurtled through the dark, narrow corridors of the SS Armada, over a million years into deep space. His breathing was cramped and perspiration cascaded from his forehead, obscuring his vision. His laser gun screamed as it vanquished alien after alien, bodies piling up in front of him. He bounded the heap of extraterrestrial corpses, pitched around a corner and ran headlong into disaster. The Alien Queen towered over him, hunger in its eyes, mandibles ready to attack. He realised now it had all been a trap, designed to deliver him straight to her. The Commander looked up fearfully as the Queen’s mouth slid open, putrid saliva running down its jaws. It raised its claws to attack. This was it. It was all over. He crossed himself and waited for the end.

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