Eating Earwax Makes You Clever

It really does! Find out how at Spelk.


Bert Moves On


This one took second place in June’s ZeroFlash contest, which was on the theme of board games. You can find it at this link, but you have to scroll down a lot to get to it so I’ve reproduced it below.

When Maggie died, Bert became lonely. Tuesdays and Thursdays had been the worst. Their traditional board game nights had been his favourite nights of the week but, with the gentle squabbling over Scrabble and bickering over backgammon a thing of the past, they’d become the hardest and the emptiest.

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The Split

When I wrote this story, I remember thinking that it was quite funny, with a tinge of darkness. Now I see it online, I realise that it’s actually just dark, with a tinge of humour. Funny how your perceptions change. Anyway, exactly can divorcees split everything – including a small child – equally? Find out in Boinkzine here.